Why Do Dreads Cost So Much?

Sometimes people ask me, why do dreads cost so much? The short answer is… I pay myself a fair wage for the skilled work I do, otherwise I simply couldn’t afford to do it. Zaahn Dreads started back in 2003, working frankly ridiculous hours out of my bedroom in my parents house. At the age of […]

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Dread Beads Available Now!

Over the last few months i’ve been sourcing unusual and exciting dread beads to add as accents to compliment your dreads. Whether you prefer natural or synthetic dreads there is something for everyone, with many more designs available over in my Shop.   All of these beads have large holes (5mm+), are non-reactive (lead/nickel/cadmium free) […]

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Showcase: Best of 2016

It’s been a busy year for Zaahn Dreads, with the launch of my new Online Shop making it even easier for everyone to enjoy lovingly crafted synthetic dreads at the click of a button. I’ve been hard at work in the studio creating custom orders from all over the world, and brushing up on my photography! […]

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